5 Tips to Help Deliver the “Glengarry Leads”

When people ask me what Reachforce does, I often tell them that we provide technology and services to help marketing deliver the “Glengarry Leads” to sales teams.

Those who have seen the movie get it – interested decision makers, recommenders, or influencers who need and can afford their products and/or services – but I generally reserve this line for seasoned folks since the show behind the reference, Glengarry Glenn Ross, was released in 1992 – ancient times for lots of professionals in the 21st century! If you’ve not seen the film, get a flavor here (my favorite scene) or peruse the Cliffs Notes here.

And while every salesperson wants “Glengarry Leads” (and every marketer wants to provide them), attracting, identifying, and delivering this level of lead isn’t easy. Here are the top 5 ways to make it happen:

Know thy Customer. If you met your ideal prospect at a dinner party, how long would it take to figure it out? If you have existing customers, which companies in what industries are producing the greatest revenue? What challenges will you help them solve? What is your unique value proposition? Where do prospects go when they are looking for a solution like yours? Understanding your customer will help you create an effective strategy and supporting programs to grow your market share.

Enhance your Sales and Marketing Data. According to SiriusDecisions, for every 1% of data quality improvement marketing can generate 5-6% of incremental revenue. In other words, the quality of your data directly impacts the results of your campaigns and it’s not enough to simply clean your contact and lead databases. And removing duplicates and identifying “unmarketable” contacts is a no-brainer!

In order to take your programs to the next level, you also need to fill white space and title gaps. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark report, more than 70% of B2B purchasing decisions involve 3 or more contacts. How confident are you that you are enrolling the right contacts in your campaigns?

Deliver Compelling Content. Ann Handley at MarketingProfs literally wrote the book on content. Content Rules will help you create content to support Customer engagement from awareness to action (A.I.D.A. – another Glengarry gem!)

Execute! A MarketingSherpa B2B survey revealed that 68% of B2B marketers haven’t defined the stages in the Sales funnel. Partner with Sales to gain total alignment on how a lead flows through the funnel to a ‘closed won’ opportunity. If your company has multiple solutions, make sure to include the “post-sale” funnel to re-engage customers in up-sell and cross-sell activities.

Measure and Tune. With every campaign, benchmark expected vs. actual performance. Invest in the activities that provide the highest return on leads and opportunities per dollar. If you consistently track and refine your results, you’ll be unstoppable! CMO.com published a terrific ROI study that can serve as your guide to continuous improvement.

Will there be a sequel to Glengarry Glenn Ross? Based on box office results, it’s doubtful, but as marketing and sales professionals, we can keep the film alive by making the “Glengarry leads” a reality.

Marketing Bonus: The next time you see your Sales colleague at the coffee pot you can say, “Put that coffee down! Coffee is for closers only.”

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  • BusinessVibes

    I think that the good knowledge of your customer is the most important thing. When you know them well, you can identify their challenges and problems, which will help you to provide them with appropriate content and to instruct the sales team how to approach to the clients and which contacts should be used to do that.

  • John Walker

    Thanks first of all for the new film recommendation, it’s a new one to me and very clever title too.

    That figure of 68% is quiet shocking but when you look at a lot of businesses its actually not that surprising. Many times I have subscribed to a list and not heard a peep from them for months and then all of a sudden “buy this now” type email.

    Some really great resources mentioned here and completely agree with the mention of “post sale” funnel for reengagement. Having multiple payment options really is a great way to improve the ROI

    • ReachForce

      Thanks for the comment, John! I agree – while that 68% stat is shocking, it’s perhaps not that surprising. Simply another reminder how important it is (and how infrequently it occurs) for sales and marketing teams to be truly aligned. Hope you enjoy the movie!