Everybody Hurts

Results from a recent MarketingSherpa poll of B2B marketers reveals that generating high-quality leads is far and away their biggest challenge. The accompanying blog post brings up an interest point: it’s the quality of the leads we pass to sales that really counts, not the quantity. It seems too easy to stand behind the number of leads we’re generating when most of them are poor quality, doesn’t it? I think that’s why it makes sense to track the business you’re generating further down the funnel so you really get a feel for the impact your nurturing is having on sales execution.


Full blog post can be found here

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  • Hannobal

    Great Article, Thx

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  • Jennifer Beever

    You’re exactly right: don’t just measure quantity of leads. It’s all about conversion rate! How many sales the leads convert to gives you an idea of the quality of your leads. I like generating a chart that compares cost per lead with lead conversion rate. Then I can see how much I’m paying and which tactics are converting the most.